2/1/14 Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby

Maple Lake

Maple Lake, MN – Less than an hour west from the Twin Cities is Maple Lake.  This town offers one of the best ice fishing tournaments in Minnesota hands down.  They have been doing this Derby for 39 years and it has grown into something really amazing.  A ticket will get you into the contest and the structure of how the prizes are set up makes this tournament stand out from the rest.

The prizes range from gift cards to ice augers to portable ice fishing houses.  The contest is to catch the largest northern pike by weight and the grand prize is a brand new Ice Castle Fish House!  Historically grand prizes obviously go to the largest fish but Maple Lake does things a little different and changed the grand prize to 39th place!  That means you can catch a smaller northern pike and you are still in the running for an Ice Castle!  The best part is the contest is only $5!  For the cost of a foot-long sub you have a chance to take home a brand new Ice Castle Fish House.  I would recommend any ice fisherman to come on down to Maple Lake and show your skills.

If you want to check out some of the other prizes or events going on that day, check out the link below.  Good luck fishing!


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