School In India Suspends Cheating Students


CNN reported this week hundreds of students from East India school were expelled for cheating with parents in this picture.  Apparently the student’s parents thought it would be a good idea to climb the side of the school to deliver answers to their children.  The fact that these parents coordinated this stunt and somehow thought they would get away with it makes the story even better.

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Bitcoin Exchange CEO Arrested for Selling and Laundering Over $1 Million In Bitcoin to Silk Road Drug Trafficing

New York, NY – The Justice department is reporting that Charlie Shrem, the CEO of BitInstant, was arrested today at the JFK airport in New York.  It was reported that he was charged with money laundering with a co-conspirator in selling over $1 million in bitcoins to users of Silk Road.   Silk Road is an underground website where bitcoin currency is used to purchase drugs and other items anonymously.

In addition to charges of supplying bitcoin to Silk Road users, Shrem is being charged personally for using bitcoin on Silk Road to purchase illegal drugs himself.  In the report from DEA Special Agent James J. Hunt, it was also noted that there was a second man charged and arrested in Florida today by the name of Robert Faiella.  Mr. Faiella worked directly with Shrem to sell bitcoins to anonymous users at a markup who would turn around and use the bitcoin to purchase all kinds of illegal drugs from Silk Road.  This investigation has been going on from 2011 through 2013 and it sounds like a home run for the Justice Department.  This arrest is the most recent black eye to BitInstant who has been offline since July 2013 due to a class action law suit that was filed.

Time will tell if BitInstant can turn the company image around, but for the time being they will most likely need to look for a new CEO to replace Shrem while he awaits trial.

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Warren Buffet Offers $1 Billion For a Perfect March Madness Bracket


Omaha, NE – 83-year-old Warren Buffet is considered to be one of the wealthiest people in the world. With a net worth north of $58 billion dollars he is the most successful investor alive today.  He has already indicated that he will be giving away 99% of his money to various charitable organizations when he passes away which is incredible.

Mr. Buffet has teamed up with the owner of Quicken Loans to make the most ridiculous offer of all time.  They have agreed to pay out $1 billion dollars or $25 million annually to anyone who can pick a perfect March Madness bracket.  To sweeten the pot, Quicken has agreed to payout $100,000 to the 20 closest to perfect brackets as well.

You will have a snowball’s chance in hell of actually picking a perfect bracket though.  Your odds are 1 in 9.2 quintillion to be exact.  If someone actually wins I would be very shocked.  I think this is more of a publicity stunt more than anything but it would still be fun to see someone win a billion!

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Cannibal Rat Ship Getting Ready Crash Into United Kingdom

Ghost ship full of cannibal rats could be about to crash into Devon coast

Somewhere in the UK – According to the Plymouth Harold, there is a ghost ship at sea that has coastal residents of the United Kingdom getting ready for a rat epidemic.  Local reports have figured out some of the history behind this creepy ship.  This vessel is a 40-year-old Russian Cruise Ship that can hold up to 100 passengers.  The Cruise Ship sailed its last regular trip in 2010 when it was impounded by Canada due to debt issues with the ship’s owner.  Then after sitting idle for over two years, in an attempt to cash in on the valuable scrap, the Dominican Republic decided to tow the ship away to an unknown location.  At that time it was reported that the ship was carrying thousands of rats.  During this tow the Russian Cruise Ship decided to take one last trip across the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s clear that the Dominican Republic was unsuccessful in the tow and it doesn’t seem that there was any kind of recovery effort for the ship after it broke free.  It has been nearly two years since the Russian Cruise Ship broke free and experts believed she sank.  Then just today this article was posted in the UK.  It’s still unknown if these passenger rats have survived all this time with no food source but rats are known to eat each other.  You can imagine what it would be like to board that kind of cannibalism and hunger going on.  Who knows where the ghost ship will dock, but I would be willing to bet the UK wants nothing to do with that nightmare.

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Legalize weed and your NFL team will go to the Super Bowl!

Is this some kind of subliminal message to America?  Good job Washington and Colorado!  Setting the bar high for other states to follow.  Legalize it!

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Stoney Point Surf Spot

Duluth, MN – Frigid cold air temperatures, water just above freezing, wetsuits and Surfboards?  Add that all up and you get something that appeals to a small population of people.  These are the surfers that gather at Stoney Point in the frosty Minnesota winter when the swells are tall enough to sink the Edmund Fitzgerald.  These brave few represent a surfing culture that could most definitely hold their own in any climate.  I’m talking about those willing to flirt with unforgiving mother nature just to have a chance to ride the perfect wave.  That’s pretty awesome considering that most of these surfers are transplants from other warmer climates.  I heard one of the brave surfers interviewed last season on the radio and he made a valid point.  He said something along the lines that you can’t learn how to surf on Stoney Point because its just too dangerous.  This kind of surfing is reserved for the experienced surfers who know how to get themselves out of trouble.  I can understand the logic behind that and I don’t think you will ever find a beginner out there in those below freezing temps.

If you live in Minnesota, I have to throw a shout out to located in Minneapolis.  They are the only freshwater surf company in town and they can set you up with anything you need.  Ask for my buddy Peru to get you set up to go out there and rip it up!

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2/1/14 Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby

Maple Lake

Maple Lake, MN – Less than an hour west from the Twin Cities is Maple Lake.  This town offers one of the best ice fishing tournaments in Minnesota hands down.  They have been doing this Derby for 39 years and it has grown into something really amazing.  A ticket will get you into the contest and the structure of how the prizes are set up makes this tournament stand out from the rest.

The prizes range from gift cards to ice augers to portable ice fishing houses.  The contest is to catch the largest northern pike by weight and the grand prize is a brand new Ice Castle Fish House!  Historically grand prizes obviously go to the largest fish but Maple Lake does things a little different and changed the grand prize to 39th place!  That means you can catch a smaller northern pike and you are still in the running for an Ice Castle!  The best part is the contest is only $5!  For the cost of a foot-long sub you have a chance to take home a brand new Ice Castle Fish House.  I would recommend any ice fisherman to come on down to Maple Lake and show your skills.

If you want to check out some of the other prizes or events going on that day, check out the link below.  Good luck fishing!

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