Stoney Point Surf Spot

Duluth, MN – Frigid cold air temperatures, water just above freezing, wetsuits and Surfboards?  Add that all up and you get something that appeals to a small population of people.  These are the surfers that gather at Stoney Point in the frosty Minnesota winter when the swells are tall enough to sink the Edmund Fitzgerald.  These brave few represent a surfing culture that could most definitely hold their own in any climate.  I’m talking about those willing to flirt with unforgiving mother nature just to have a chance to ride the perfect wave.  That’s pretty awesome considering that most of these surfers are transplants from other warmer climates.  I heard one of the brave surfers interviewed last season on the radio and he made a valid point.  He said something along the lines that you can’t learn how to surf on Stoney Point because its just too dangerous.  This kind of surfing is reserved for the experienced surfers who know how to get themselves out of trouble.  I can understand the logic behind that and I don’t think you will ever find a beginner out there in those below freezing temps.

If you live in Minnesota, I have to throw a shout out to located in Minneapolis.  They are the only freshwater surf company in town and they can set you up with anything you need.  Ask for my buddy Peru to get you set up to go out there and rip it up!

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2 Responses to Stoney Point Surf Spot

  1. patmccloskey says:

    Yikes. Winter surfing in Michigan. I need a hot shower now. Thanks for flowing my blog. Yours is totally cool.

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