Navionics App


I’ve lived in MN my whole life and I believe it to be the home of great ice fishing.  Each year you see bigger ice houses and more high tech gear being pulled out onto the ice.  The technology of depth finding has evolved over the years including newer and more complex Vexlars and GPS systems used to determine exactly where to drill your hole so you can catch the big one.  In 2013 The Navionics App was released and a buddy of mine recommended that I download the basic App for $9.99.  Normally I’m reluctant to download something without seeing if it works first but I thought what the hell and gave it a shot.  All I can say is wow, what a great idea.  Within seconds of downloading, your smartphone becomes a Lake GPS that shows you exactly what depth you are currently at.  No more guessing or wasting time drilling countless holes to find the right depth.  I can tell you first hand that the accuracy was incredible and I feel like I can ice fish on any lake now with ease!  As a bonus you can also use the App to find access points on the lake and directions from lake to lake.  This App is worth every penny and I recommend it to anyone who likes to ice fish.  Enjoy!

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